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Posted on 2009-Dec-8 at 07:56 in bondagepaper1
Bondage comics Bondage porn

Sample of bondage paper story: He explained that although they had to abide by the rules and punish her for missing the last meeting, but since she was one of the longest term members, only the male members would participate in her punishment since that was her preference. With that, she was taken to the table. Katherine was placed on the table face down. She was soaking wet between her legs at the mere thought of being there for all to see. ..

Lain Oi is real nervous about being dominated by Sydnee Capri, who towers over her. Lain whimpers and moans so beautifully as she is slapped, spanked and whipped. Sydnee commands her slut to lick her feet, pussy and ass before taking Lain with her strap-on cock.

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Posted on 2009-Dec-8 at 02:26 in bondagepaper1
Cock torture Lesbian bdsm

A piece of bondage paper story: When I got there and talked to Mary, I found out that her boss had been punishing her ass every Friday night since she started work, and Mary loved it. I did the work at her house first, because the maid was out of town for the week and Linda wanted the cameras hidden from the maid. Linda really enjoyed getting licked by Mary while I fucked Mary's cunt and ass. Linda may have been twice our age but she was a really enthusiastic fucker. ..

Alsana is a sexy long-legged girl who gets picked up at a bar by the wickedly kinky Selina. After some teasing, Alsana's jeans are pulled down and is spanked over Selian's knee. Her tits and ass are whipped and as a reward, her long sexy tongue is put to good use on her new mistresses feet. Passionate strap-on fucking on top of the bar brings this fun and erotic scene to an end.

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Jada Fire gets her big breasts bound and is forced to squirt.

Posted on 2009-Dec-4 at 07:28 in bondagepaper1
Lesbian torture Water torture

Some bondage paper story: That's right. The sheriff unbuttoned his shirt. Jane reached forward and knocked his hat off his head. What! The sheriff gasped. There's women and children here! What kind of person are you? The kind of person who will blow your balls off in exactly five seconds if you ain't out of them longjohns. Two. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and pushed them down below his knees. This left him standing in the bank completely naked. ..

Welcome back Kylie Worthy, after her first Hogtied appearance she has found a new love for Bondage. With her amazing huge nipples and big breast our sexy MILF gets the full treatment. Kylie suffers though tight elbow bondage, tight gags, and is forced to squirt repeatedly. Tied down to a SYBIAN Kylie desperately tries not to cum, but she is helpless to stop it, as it forces her to cum, over and over.

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HUGE breasted red head, gets bound and tormented, forced to cum

Posted on 2009-Dec-3 at 05:31 in bondagepaper1
Caught in self bondage Electric torture

Sample of bondage paper story: Are there any other bids for these beauties, the auction master shouted. The pair was brought over to their new owners. They paid for them, put chains around their ankles and necks, and led them away to a waiting limo. It was a large limo, so husband and wife had slides to separate each others activities. The man slipped his fingers underneath her black bra, and massaged her nipples until they were rock hard. ..

Samantha Sin, one of the fastest growing names in porn, takes her first real shot at hardcore BDSM. Athletic by nature and a former gymnast, Samantha can endure the hard ties. It is a special treat to watch a girl's first experience in bondage with all the reactions, the interactions, and of course the helplessness. Girls really don't know what helplessness is until the second and third orgasms are literary forced out of and riped from their body, as they desperately try to avoid the powerful vibrator that is over stimulating their already overly sensitive clit. The begging, pleading, and bargaining to make it stop is beautiful music coming from first timers, it really is..

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Friends on vacation give each other oral service

Posted on 2009-Dec-2 at 05:38 in bondagepaper1
Bondage wizard Bondage rape

A piece of bondage paper story: The next day was even more fun. Mine was black, hers was white. Whenever we stooped over to put something on the table he would feel our tits, or pat us lightly on the ass. We still had our leotards on, though. He enjoyed watching me and her making out, so he ordered us to fool around a lot. Sometimes skimpy panties, or leather clothes he bought us, or sometimes skintight jeans. The whole weekend was a very fun experience. ..

Hogtied continues to deliver the most beautiful females in hard bondage anywhere in the world. We bring you Tia Tanaka who personifies that statement. At nineteen years of age, Tia does her first hard bondage shoot. A virgin to BDSM, Tia finds out how enjoyable it really is. She soon finds out the true meaning of helpless and forced to cum by a strong vibrator. She is shocked at the intensity of her orgasms and how quickly her body surrenders them. She also finds out about the torment of foot caning and tickling. I only have one question, how cute and sexy can someone actually be? Tia Tanaka is the defining answer to that question.

Bondage rape

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Ginger, girl next door, pain gets her wet, very wet!

Posted on 2009-Dec-2 at 05:16 in bondagepaper1
Masochism Bondage hentai

Before I could move, he pulled my arms behind me and slipped the plastic bands around my wrists again, pulling them nice and tight. He had parked the car near the trees. Once in, he strapped my ankles together again, then stripped me knees together also. Satisfied, he closed the trunk lid. The trunk was dark and getting warm, and I was getting hot. Before we got home, my body was covered in sweat. ..

It is well know we are starting a new Bondage website called Bondagetrials.com. We have been searching for a rigger, Webmaster for this site. The following EXTRA BONUS weekend update is a video job interview if you will. We wanted to see their rope skills, and presence. We decided to use Hogtied as venue for the material. Have a nice weekend..

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Posted on 2009-Nov-29 at 08:24 in bondagepaper1
Lesbian bondage Torture her tits

A bit of bondage paper story: Stone smiled at her in a way that made Pam so angry she wanted to hit the man. You are upset with me for calling you `child'. Of course I am angry with you, you lecherous old goat. Mr. You want me to look at you as a woman and treat you as a woman. Pam nearly screamed at him for his insulting presumption that she might find him acceptable as a man and the even greater insult in the implication that she might want him to touch her. ..

Sasha Grey grabs hold of the whip in her first scene as domme. Who better to serve Sasha than the tried and true pain slut, Riley Shy. Together they make this a hot session with lots of punishment and sexual interaction. Enjoy!

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Posted on 2009-Nov-26 at 05:26 in bondagepaper1
Public bondage Teen bondage

A piece of bondage paper story: She was surprised to learn that her master was considered a demon, in the literal sense, by some of his nobility. She wondered if he realized this, and then considered that he probably did. Amir had told her that the stars were showing massive upheaval. It had never been great enough to train, but there was a warning tingle, like that of the coal imbedded in the flesh of her shoulder, that told her of something coming. ..

Jade is warming up before her workout when she is attacked by two hot Asians. Flaunting her fit body around the gym has pissed off the other girls. Jade Marx proves to be a mega pain slut. Dragonlily and Chyna White prove to be a couple of sadistic bitches. The slapping is hard and intense. Revenge also comes in the form of face sitting, ass licking and strap-on fucking.

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Kory Vixen is subject to the ropework of Thane.

Posted on 2009-Nov-24 at 11:42 in bondagepaper1
Nipple torture Tit torture

A bit of bondage paper story: Glancing at Lynne's mother, he became aware of her delightful and amused smile. Hazel, she said, go ahead and lower her panties. Lynne squeezed her cheeks together as much in an effort to reduce the exposure of her nearly mature feminine cleft as in anticipation of the dreaded punishment. Lynne did not have to wait very long. The wriggling teenager began to shriek with pain as she felt the fiery sting. ..

Jenni Lee introduces 'The Train' (Ed's new masterpiece that pulls its rider back and forth onto a fixed dildo). Jenni confessed that she'd never taken a piece of meat quite the size of the mighty 'King Kong Dong' (I'm not making it up, that's its name). Later in the scene she has several fierce orgasms, confirming the mighty meat had been the piece for the job. (Its not what you do with it, its the size).

Tit torture

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Posted on 2009-Nov-23 at 03:32 in bondagepaper1
Bondage fiction Hardcore bondage

Little bondage paper story: I held it against her mouth just to see she would take it, not a flinch. Cindy lifted herself up to a kneeling position and flicked her tongue around the tip of my dick and puckered her lips and kissed the head of it. I was in orbit. She licked and sucked, just the head, never more, and she never unfolded her hands. I also wanted to see what she could do by herself. I knew it would not be much longer. ..

Sara Fay works in the office of a well known modeling agency and just recently started modeling herself. Sandra Romain is one of the models that works for that agency. We asked Sara to do a scene where she would have to submit to Sandra Romain. She had no previous experience with BDSM but her curiousity and secret attractions to Sandra was enough reason to except the offer. This is not a roleplay.

Hardcore bondage

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Posted on 2009-Nov-23 at 01:35 in bondagepaper1
Bdsm equipment Spanking videos

A piece of bondage paper story: I returned to the house about 8:45 the next morning from dropping off Betty at the airport. I looked through the house and found her in the master bedroom bath soaking in a hot bubble bath. Not only was she not working but she had invaded a private sanctum. She scooted into the bedroom in just a minute wrapped in the towel. And I don't know why. Jacobson told me that you had been trained in the old school ways and that perhaps I should treat you more as servant than employee. ..

This is a fun update that starts with a bitch brawl between Lena and Sonya over shifts at the local strip club. Sonya eventually wears Lena down and gets her to submit willingly.

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Matt coaxes Maya to escape, gags her, and forces her to cum.

Posted on 2009-Nov-20 at 02:34 in bondagepaper1
Bondage rape Belt spanking

Sample of bondage paper story: She could hear the workmen in the den. Then, the noises stopped, and, for quite some time there was nothing but silence. Suddenly, Barbara noticed in the mirror, the images of both men standing in the doorway of the bedroom. The same man who had responded to her before said that it was and they were waiting for her to pay for it. What do I owe you? she asked? Both men smiled and walked into the bedroom. ..

Goldie, a lonely traveler late at night, is thirsty. Far from her home in England, she walks into Matts bar. Matt takes a little time getting to know our beautiful busty traveler before she finds herself helpless, and a bondage play toy for the rest of the night. In this fantasy piece, Goldie is tightly bound, fucked with machines, and forced to cum and cum again. Bartenders really do get all the women.

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Posted on 2009-Nov-16 at 08:41 in bondagepaper1
Spanking stories Anal torture

Little bondage paper story: Nothing she had done was painful in the usual sense of the word, quite the opposite. He could not be still now and the Master warned him that if he were not still he would never order her to finish him off. The Stranger was holding in place but was shaking and crying in pleasure/pain. Blowing hot breath against his cock and balls. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her Master nod slightly in signal. ..

Jolene came to whippedass with an open mind and was ready to try new forms of sex. For someone not too much into pain, she toughs it out and endures some hard punishment from Dragonlily. Suspended to a wood post, she has clothes pins whipped off of her flesh before cumming hard from the vibrator. Then she must lick ass and strap-on fuck her mistress while her elbows are tied together. Lastly, she is fucked in the ass while in bondage.

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Posted on 2009-Nov-13 at 11:18 in bondagepaper1
Adult spanking Torture drawings

A piece of bondage paper story: Bart told Susan to perform a strip tease for them (and me!) and turned on the radio to give her something to dance to. She stole glances in my direction, and winked when she could get away with it. Bart and Jeff were obviously enjoying themselves, as they cheered Susan on. Bart told Jeff to fix them some drinks, which he did, and then Bart went after my wife. She then slid to her knees, her face right in front of Bart's crotch. ..

May-Anne is a very pretty and natural looking girl seeking to explore her sexual limits and boundries. She describes herself as a feisty bottom, which made for a challenging session with Kym Wilde.

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New face, Trixie Kitten, experiences tight bondage.

Posted on 2009-Nov-12 at 11:59 in bondagepaper1
Spanking videos Torture devices

I could see her swollen clit and inner lips, their pink hue exaggerated to redness against the brown curls that framed them. Then I stopped and looked to Ann's lovely green eyes and said, Ann, tell me what you want! Tell me what you need me to do to you. She stared at me and tried to tell me, but all that came out was the word, Please! Not good enough, Ann, you know very well what you want me to do. ..

Cloe is the typical girl next door. She went to Homecoming and the Prom every year with her high-school sweetheart. Now she is at college and is back for Thanksgiving break. College must have awakened deep desires within Cloe - and hence her visit to hogtied.com...

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lesbian rape comic strips

Posted on 2009-Nov-12 at 04:17 in bondagepaper1
Spanking stories Public bondage

I said she was in trouble with me, and she started acting very demure. I agreed and told her next time I will not be so easy on her. I pointed over to a bundle of switches I have recently trimmed. She left and I went to work on my road but I could not get her response out of my mind. Should I've even said anything. k. I needed another load a couple days later and I called in the order. She said they were backed up and could not get there until 4:30 but would bring me a little extra. ..

Twenty something Caroline confesses that she enjoys being submissive. Her lovely large round ass and milky white skin gives Isis a lot to play with. Butt plugged, tied and blindfolded, she endures the whip and vibrator. She then worships Mistress Isis's feet, pussy and ass. With the plug still secured up her tight ass she receives a good pounding from the strap-on cock.

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